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"I trust him and he talks a 
language I can understand." 
With us, it's personal 

Planning your Finances Testimonial  

New England Financial Solutions is working with people every day to plan their finances. 
We offer knowledgeable, considerate and calm advice with our common sense, customer focused and transparent approach. 
The service we provide is personal. 
It is more important than ever that when people make decisions on their pensions, ISAs, savings, bonds and any other personal investment they are doing so with trusted, consistent and bespoke advice. 

What our clients say  

“Cameron came recommended to me and I can see why. I trust him and he talks a language I can understand. He is easy to talk to and is genuinely interested in you and I feel I can ask him anything and he wants the best for you. He is quick to respond to any queries I may have, and I would definitely recommend him.” 
Hilary Cable 

Why is it important to review your plan?  

A financial plan is just that...a plan. We help you to fully understand where you are today and you tell us where you want to be financially. With the known elements we can plan out a path for your future financial comfort. 
However, what happens if your circumstances change, what if your view of the future and what this means to you changes? What happens is we review the plan with you, regularly, so that it is always moving you in the direction that you want to be going. 
This isn't about putting some money in an investment account and forgetting about it, this is about structure, flexibility and having clear goals which we will help you achieve. 
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