Forest Bathing. 
Or as the Japanese know it – “Shinrin-yoku.” 
Its hardly a secret that being immersed in nature can contribute to our well-being. 
Walking though a forest, with green trees in particular, can help us learn about ourselves and our place in the world. 
Try the Six steps to Shinrin-yoku 
• Leave all your modern devices behind, even your watch, so you can switch off from the modern world. 
• Don’t follow a pre-determined path, focus on what’ around you rather than the way you are going. 
• Soak up the atmosphere and savour every detail of your surroundings. 
• Walk in silence so you have the opportunity for quiet reflection. 
• Practice mindfulness along the way, breathing in and out with each slow step. 
• Take a regular break along your walk to ensure you really soak in everything around you. 
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